August, 2008


213 Responses to “August, 2008”

  1. dollstreetjournal Says:


  2. ClaireMaii/Jhuyed Says:

    OMG!! Cover=Brill!!!

  3. Welldone Gals! Happy Opening!

  4. SweetiePieYaz Says:

    I am so happy! Finally Teen Style is out!

  5. Allison Says:

    IT’s absolutly fantastic
    can’t wait for the rest of the magazine:)

  6. horse729 Says:


  7. GREAT COVER!Whens the mage coming out?

  8. Shay! Says:

    WOW! Its amazing!
    I love it!

  9. Wow.
    That A Beautiful & Gorgeous Cover.
    Very Edgy.
    I Love it!
    Amazing Job Style_Magazine & Her Team!

  10. luciiee (swimdancer) Says:

    gawjuss cover :]

    but wen do we get 2 see tha whole mag ? x :[



  12. Fantababy1 Says:

    Its great! I wish my cover will be at least half as good as that!

  13. AuZkI]] Says:

    Love it <33
    So creative so colorful!

  14. glamour1 Says:

    It was awesome! I wish my magazine’s cover with Lindsay Brock had been that good.

  15. Loren Says:

    Great job Style! You’ve done it again, the cover is gorgeous!

  16. Fakeshake3 Says:


  17. vballgirlie2695 Says:

    umm the cover is great but… its just a cover?

  18. ElizaII Says:

    Where is the rest of the thing? There’s only a cover!

  19. Isabella.Arci Says:



  20. youlovelorie Says:


  21. pink-penguin3 Says:

    Jadore, I love it Selena! The cover is amazing. Wonderful.


  22. OMG!!
    I love it!!
    Lindsay looks great!!

  23. If the cover is anything to go by this is going to be amazing.

  24. Keisha(snapple2) Says:

    It looks fabulous!

    Congrats Linds!

  25. 3750 Says:

    Ahhh-mazing cover I just know this mag is going to be the best!

  26. Britneys07 Says:


  27. Karen Says:

    I Love It!THis magazine is going to rock!

  28. PoisonxCupcake (StardollJunkies.BlogSpot.Com) Says:

    One word…
    DAMN! πŸ˜€

  29. jessica (: aka heartbeat96 Says:

    Props to style_magazine and her team.
    This looks brilliant (: I cant wait for the rest of the magazine.


  30. lovelymanners Says:

    The cover looks beautiful!

  31. paris101fan Says:

    Love the cover, but what about the actual magazine??

  32. Joey_97 Says:

    It’s Awesome
    When Is The Rest Of The Mag Coming Out?

  33. Undamyumbbrellla Says:

    i love it!

  34. Audreyhep4 Says:

    Wow. It’s Brilliance.

  35. Confused Says:

    omg, u had us waiting for this piece of crap!

  36. styleshotmag Says:


  37. anelise -Pop_Tart- Says:


  38. gossipgirlsd Says:

    Its definly great.

  39. Amazing,
    Truly Amazing,
    I love it.

  40. Fashion.Fantasy Says:

    If the rest of the magazine is as great as the cover, It would be like the best stardoll magazine ever


  41. Heidi-di Says:

    Wow magnifique!

  42. Jarnai Says:

    WOW! Great Graphics, can’t wait for the rest of the magazine!

  43. Definitly great but I can kinda tell that its gonna be a little bore

    But I like it

  44. Design_Louise Says:

    OMG! Great cover! πŸ˜€ Love it πŸ™‚

  45. Lizzie (So...Inmagic) Says:

    Nice. Very nice. Hope this one will be better than Style_Mag!

  46. Kas1996 Says:

    V. nice. better than style)_magazine more funky! πŸ™‚

  47. That looks absolutly fantastic!

  48. tashstar2 Says:

    Just can’t wait for the rest to be revealed!!

  49. gabriele Says:

    i love the cover!!! When will you make a magazine ?

  50. Isa aka Iamthestory Says:

    The cover looks incredibly fantastic!

  51. tinkerbells Says:

    Woaahhh!!!! awesome!!!! congratulations!!! can’t wait for read it!!!!


  52. Pica Says:

    It’s looks too much like seventeen’s cover..but the colors are nice.

  53. ??? Says:

    why does the cover title look exactly like teenvogues?

  54. mimi_mami Says:


  55. Godlygirl10 Says:

    The cover looks really cool – I can tell that TEEN style will be more ‘fun’ than Style Magazine. But where’s the rest of the issue? I thought it was supposed to be published already?

  56. Anonymous Critic Says:

    Okay, I’m going to be critical on this.

    The overall cover is amazing, it’s quirky, fun and overall a full sensation. However, the ‘pop’ style came and went a few years back. I find the whole idea a little fake, as Stardoll is a website aimed at Teens. I am a reader of Style, and I have to say – I love it. To be quite honest, the class of Style is more entrancing than what I have seen of Teen Style.

    The Critic.

  57. Omg it is great but where are the articles

  58. Meggi Says:

    Already this looks better than Style. Just an FYI.

  59. Sunshine_chika1 Says:

    the cover looks great! lets hope that it is the same for the rest of the magazine.

  60. loluuu Says:

    i love it

  61. Amazing cover! Very impressive!
    I can’t wait to see the rest of issue.

  62. Barbuch96 Says:

    OMG!! Awesome cover!! I lovee youhh

  63. Barbuch96 Says:

    OMG!! Awesome cover!! I lovee youhh. Hope the mag looks great!

  64. When will the rest be released.β™₯ Vist my page too please. β™₯

  65. Chelsea Says:

    Love the cover, can’t wait for the rest! x

  66. mimi Says:

    i waited so long for this peice o sh*t? you wouldn’t know fashion if it bit you in the a$$

  67. coolgirl Says:

    I like it.. the colours are cool, and in the good way!
    the magazine is called teenstyle but when I see the girl and her clothes I think of a girl that knows what ‘style’ is!

  68. Why isnt this magazine up yet? I think its a bit lazy of you to not be logged on to stardoll when many eager members are just waiting for you to upload the rest of the mag. Style-Magazine this is very unusual for you to not be on top of things. Lets hope this magazine is for all we waited for.

  69. SE mag Says:

    Hey who is the owner of this mag ?
    P.S where is the articles though. LOL i SOOOOOOOO FREAKIN LOVE YOUR COVER THOUGH ! its So TEEN TYPE xoxoxo

  70. SayGrace Says:

    Absolutly Fabulous. An amazing cover must mean an amazing first issue.

  71. liza.xx Says:

    If the rest of it is as good as the cover, this will be a great mag!

  72. Barbie Says:

    Delightful: for a cover and contents page. Come on, Style, I can’t diss you if I haven’t read the magazine, so hurry up and upload it!

  73. fdsfaf lol Says:

    Umm where the fck is the rest of the magazine? srsly, either put out something to read, hence it being called a “magazine” or dont put out anything at all and call it “style_plagarized_picture” because thats all I see right now… K thnx.

  74. The magazine so far is utterly wonderful. It’s fresh and fun. Just what Stardoll teens interested in fashion need. However I do believe it’s a bit iresponsable not to have the magazine uploaded 3 days after the true day of the opening. The bottom line is many including I are very eager to read the first issue of teenSTYLE, but many are dissapointed in the wait. I shall be patient and enjoy every second once I am able to read the issue.

  75. jessica aka heartbeat96 Says:

    If your not in the perez hiltons club on stardoll, then you wouldnt know that shes having difficulties uploading the whole magaazine.
    So be patient, you arses!


    i wannaa see the rest !!! =D

  77. Vanessa (PinkChetah) Says:

    This is one of the most awesome magazine (covers) i’ve ever seen. Well done!

  78. glamourgirlmag Says:

    looks AH-MAZING!

  79. shnel Says:

    Hello? They can’t be uploaded because of technical stuff. God.

  80. paris101fan Says:

    Style, you’ve once again out done yourself. The cover is truly amazing and Lindsay looks gorgeous!


  81. shesamazing Says:

    awesome cover i cant wait to read it =)

  82. Sofija Says:

    where is the rest of the magazine ? do you really want to say that you need 1 month just for a cover ?! o.O

    i want more !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. I can’t wait for the rest! Your leaving us in suspence!

  84. Becca Says:

    Isabella is well good at writing x

  85. xCherryTreex Says:

    Can’t wait to read the rest! πŸ™‚
    I loved Isabella’s article.
    And; LOVIN` the cover!

  86. ηœŸδΊ†δΈθ΅·,ζˆ‘εΎˆε–œζ¬’!

    Very impressive, I like it!

  87. Fashion.Fantasy Says:


  88. Jarnai Says:

    leave us in suspense why don’t you? lol

  89. explosiongosia Says:

    Loves It! The Newest Article Is Very Ferosh!

  90. ally Says:

    How do you get roiworld to wrk, it’s always in Koren when I try to use it?!

  91. mimi_mami Says:

    I like it x]

  92. babuci1992 Says:

    Great. The cover is so funky.

  93. iiNA.L0VES.Y0Ux Says:

    Completely Fabulous. Can not wait to read the complete magazine all together. I believe this magazine will one of Stardoll’s best. Woderful for all Stardoll members.

  94. lovelymanners Says:

    DUH! She is having problems uploading.
    PS just for the people who don’t know.

  95. explosiongosia Says:

    The Hand On The 2nd Pic In Acessory File Isnt Proportional

  96. Sd-model_agency Says:

    Love the Magazine So Far ! Keep up the Good Work!

  97. Fakeshake3 Says:

    The magazine is outstanding.

  98. samantha Says:

    this is amazing!
    i lov the new mag its just as fab as style magazine!

  99. mimi_mami Says:

    where is the editor’s letter?


  100. millymou Says:

    its cool.
    i think there’s still a lo of writing,
    but not as much as Style Magazine;
    which is good. keep up the good
    work! x

  101. Sue Czakon Says:

    I like Teen Style. It is mu better than the original Style Magazine.

  102. KwlKat999 Says:

    It’s great but, as with Style Magazine, I found myself scrolling down and looking at the graphics and not reading the articles. The graphics are great and so is the writing. That’s the problem. The writing is too proffesional for teen’s.

  103. explosiongosia Says:

    Where Is The Cartoon Article?

  104. Stardoll Says:

    I’m sorry but do you really think a teenage would want to read this? Too sophisticated!

  105. Vitez08/Dunja Says:

    The magazine is fab.
    I barely recongized Serena, she looks really beautifull, and the covergirl is perfecto.

  106. Whoa Says:

    Definately better and more readable than the usual style magazine
    It’s brighter and funkier and i lurvee it!
    Nice job Selena

  107. I love Isabella’s article!! (:

  108. explosiongosia Says:

    Serena Looked Lovely, So Did Lindsay, But Who Are The Other Models?

  109. Andriak. Says:

    Just Like Heroin. Addictive. As more as you have the more you want. Keep it up!

  110. lzacko Says:

    EXCUSE YOU!!!!!

  111. Jaelyn. Says:

    How do you do that?

  112. yasmin Says:

    omg its so brill i am so subscribing
    lots of luv
    yasmin xoxo

  113. Jarnai Says:


  114. Annoymous Says:

    Nice, I like Teen Style better as I am a teen myself. (no offence). The articles are not too long, fun to read, and the graphics … WHOA! Good job, good job!

  115. freyaxfreya Says:

    Great graphics, although I have to say the whole 50’s dresses, with trainers and hoop earings is really Lilly Allen circa 2006. Not exacly hot of the catwalk either, sorry.

    Apart from that I think you have great capabilities to do more =)

    Love you β™₯

  116. Shelby_2007 Says:

    Ah-mazing! Best mag that I’ve seen yet!

  117. explosiongosia Says:

    Dont You Think You Should Add The Cartoon Article?

  118. 1beforetheother Says:

    i love it!!!
    i love the cartoon article.

  119. Beautiful. Stunning. What teens are today.

    AMAZING Selena. πŸ™‚


  120. silversister Says:

    I adore it! All the articles are so interesting!
    I guess I prefer Teen Style more than Style Magazine.

  121. Rikki DUH Says:

    Really cute. I love the poses of the models in the mag`. Keep up the work!

  122. Undamyumbrellla Says:

    I really love the editor’s letter, it’s very interesting to read how it was for Selena creating her first issue!! πŸ™‚

    I think Selena and her staff did an unbelievable job, the colors and the mood of the issue is perfect for August and i am so excited to see what’s coming up for September! ❀

  123. This is wonderful!
    The best online magazine i have EVER seen!
    my personal acc. will give a gift to u

  124. tiatulip Says:

    Hey, it’s tiatulip here. OMG I love your mag! Gr8 job!

  125. Reader Says:

    It’s good , but I think you should copyright all of this , so no one copys you (:

  126. Roselle Says:

    The best ever magazine. Ifonly it was really puplished.

  127. lollita-sweet Says:

    hi! oooooooooh I like this magazine! way to go girls!

  128. Jennie (-Jennie-Babee-) Says:

    Heyy Guys! This website is great and I really want to find out how you do the dolls and the clothes, it’s very impressive! I can’t wait intill the next issue. (:

  129. Katie Says:

    Good but to much writing

  130. jessica Says:

    I Love This Magazine!
    My Stardoll Page Is Kittyrocks101

  131. Nanis Says:

    Absolutely AWSOME !!!! You should be published, it’s a very professional style and good fashion choices !

  132. Hunnigall Says:

    Wow! I thought I’d leave my comment after the Magazine was complete, as not to be unfair to other writers. My favorite article, if any (They were all fantastic) has to be the Cartoon Style. Wow… Wow!

    – Hunni x x x

  133. Jasmine Says:

    I loved reading about Rami Kashou, and the graffics are amazing. Well done. And the Cartoon Style is so now, the models reminded me of Agnes Dyen, and she has that style aswell.

    Well done, Selena and Style, and everybody else who helped, you guys make one great team!

  134. Corinne Says:

    It’s good, but you should try to keep your articles a little bit shorter πŸ™‚

  135. Emine Says:

    Amazing, in a word.
    The graphics are wonderful, and the articles are interesting.
    Keep up the good work!
    – Emine
    Luv2luv__94 on STardoll

  136. Abida Says:

    great, i really liked the vibrant colors and the cartoon style, its nice to see something fashionable and fun at the same time

  137. justforgirlz Says:

    I have to say I am really impressed with this magazine and I think it’s better thane Style Magazine, although I did have some trouble trying to understand some of the words…
    But other than that it’s brilliant! I think high expectations were reached!

  138. how do u find enough time in the world to create the graphics? it looks really hard.

  139. MissDiorCherie. (Kendra) Says:

    Simply brilliant. <33

  140. anom Says:

    Ghetto Fabulous- really made me laugh. I mean, its all good, but, its not very ghetto. And the same goes for the ‘polka dotted punk.’

    Good, but still a little long.

  141. ohana1511 (from stardoll) Says:

    Wow! This is brilliant! Look out Style_magezine, Teen_Style is awesome! I love that it really focuses on teen! Well done Selena!


  142. Jarnai Says:

    i’m impressed but you spelt “also” wrong on the 1st page of Cartoon Style (2nd paragraph, 6th line, 3rd word)
    other than that it’s great!

  143. loluuu Says:

    congrats its amazing

  144. This is one of thee best magazines on stardoll and i give it 1000000000 thumbs up!!!!

  145. yoselin Says:

    OMG its amazing!!
    i love it!!

  146. I love this, the cover is amazee (:
    i find it superb, much easier to read then Style.
    But i don’t have problems with that :]
    I love the cartoon article. it’s really awesome.
    and isabella’s article is SPECTACUAR.
    Selena, you did a really good job!
    & I can’t wait for the next installment!

  147. mimi_mami Says:

    I adore it πŸ™‚

  148. narnabreemag Says:

    Hey There. (:
    What Is Your Stardoll Called?
    Lol…. x

  149. unknown :) Says:

    I like it a lot, the graphics are great, the covergirl gorgeous and the colours amazing. Although it is too much of a copy of teenvogue…

  150. Nicole Says:

    Wow.. What a magazine. It’s much better then I thought it would be. It’s amazing. It’s like the stardoll edition of teenvogue!

  151. Maria Says:

    This is brilliant! Omg how can you do so much great stuff!!??

  152. SayGrace Says:

    Amazing. Simply Amazing. I can’t find another word to describe this magazine. It is much like a stardoll edition of teenvogue!

  153. Diva Magizine Says:

    Wounderful, I love it’s inspiring! even as a magizine!

  154. ElitePerfums Says:

    Awesome,I would like to do one but i will never have the same ideas as you.

  155. carmenchu11 Says:

    It inspires me!

  156. mcoleman Says:

    Great Job!!

  157. stellamagazine Says:

    Great graphics, but I think you can work on your grammar a bit more.

  158. _rich_princez_ Says:

    Hot cover.Boring articles.Fab graphics.

    You know you love me

  159. rocknrollmysoul Says:


  160. Shensy Says:





    / Sara

  161. Vivienne Tam Says:


  162. Sofija Says:

    i like it..but you forgot the sign of the coverse all star ^^

    but it doesnt matter. πŸ™‚

  163. Katie Says:

    Its great. I really LOVE the articles. Especially Livin’n Color. I totally AGREE WITH THE WHOLE IDEA!! You did an AH-MAZING job for a first time Selena. Im very impressed… Cant wait till the next issue sweetheart!!


  164. Carly Says:

    Better than Style Magazine, by a long shot.
    The cover is amazing.
    I love the cartoon article and the watermelon clothes.

  165. AlexM Says:

    Your blog is interesting!

    Keep up the good work!

  166. charllx_x Says:

    I like all the styles there and i love cartoon style =] i would wear them on stardoll and in real life

  167. Hmm.... Says:

    Hmm, some of it isn’t exactly what I would call Teen Fashion, but it’s a lot better than Style.

  168. Emeraldroxx Says:

    how did u make it ??
    Plz tell me…
    Mail me in my email plzz.

  169. mazinjaa1112 Says:

    omfg!!!!!! if someone doesn’t like it, then he’s sick or somthin… how can u make somthing like that? omfg i love it!!!

  170. julz-rulz-07 Says:

    I thought the whole display was amazing (as per usual)
    But i think that the articles were a teeny bit boring. To tell you the truth, i’d personally prefer an-easy-to-read enjoyable magazine. What about a simple what’s hot && what’s not? As im sure you know less IS more.

  171. jasmine1991 Says:

    I love this web mags graphics!!!!!!

  172. fashionmagazinejournal Says:

    I absoltley love it. Your hitting the fahion magazines hard and by having it be cartoon, thats making a statement. That you don’t have to be ambushed by makeup artist (the way celebs do) and that anybody [or anyTHING] can be b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l. so keep it going style magazine. And GOOD LUCK.

  173. Sandi Says:

    WOW – How Do You Do The Dolls Like That?
    Its Great!

  174. Ember Says:

    well, don’t get me wrong on this, it’s still good, but a suggestion to make, is to make the articles a bit shorter, and more colorfull
    Other than that, it’s great!

  175. none Says:

    check splash magazine out. they copied teen styles magazine. they used it as their cover but used paint 4 the brown hair

  176. Selki Says:

    Same old Same old

  177. Sweetblackie Says:

    Wow.. That is sooo gr8!!!! All great compliments =D Btw, can u tell me where did u find (or make) those hair cutz && poses ?? If u do, my username on stardoll is sweetblackie, so contact me, thanks a lot!

  178. Lvz Says:

    hi this is much betta than style magazine

  179. How did you do the magazine?
    Sorry I want my magazine StyleMag2 as popular as yours and I love the way you set it out!
    Can you please tell me!?

  180. hazel Says:

    I love it, the issue is awesome, great job

  181. gigi Says:

    i dont like it !!!

  182. Cute_deizi Says:

    OMG! I love it! it’s so much fun and to be honest-style magazine it’s getting boring! I like it still,but that issue,the covergirl are too much inspiring! Great! I love it!

  183. rachelle Says:

    how do you create these? i tried using roiworld but i cant understand anything it says. lol.

  184. Fia_fantasy Says:

    It’s super duper awesome … !!! J’dore it ! Totally looking forward to the upcoming issues ! Take care ! πŸ™‚

  185. I wish they would come out with hair like that on Stardoll.

  186. Emine Says:

    Personally, I think the August Issue is MUCH better than the September.

  187. HulaBaby Says:

    I love it.. and Lidsay looks great!

  188. ExplosionGosia has a serious problem, with leaving 10000 comments. Its obvious she dreams of her magazin being as good as Style or TS, but the reality won’t coem true. Gawd I feel sorry for her.

  189. Poisoncandy-x Says:

    omgg. I loveee it.!

  190. amazing, hunny.
    love it.
    love you! ❀ ;D

  191. OoO-Jessica-OoO Says:

    LOVE IT.

  192. OoO-Jessica-OoO Says:

    completely LOVE it.

  193. hmm Says:

    i prefer style magazine – its must more fashion related
    i cannot wait for it to come back!!

  194. I have a poser??? Sinc when? Never pose as me.

  195. PrincessMinnie_ @stardoll Says:

    sweet ❀

  196. mayeeshasam Says:

    As it is your first Magazine it is really nice. I love the way you make the dolls and decorate the magazine with beautiful things.

    Please mail me at my blog’s email address:

    You can also contact me at my stardoll account: mayeeshasam

    Mayeesha Samiha. πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

  197. Annonymous Says:

    She copied all this stuff from a website called i-dressup and she said it was stardoll copyrights if i-dressup knew about this they could take her to court

  198. Tylerisbomb Says:

    Doesn’t it say in your February issue of Style, Selena. Or… The month you were featured rather, that you don’t have an interest in music?

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