September/October, 2008


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  1. oh_yeh_* Says:

    I LOVE IT!

  2. oh_yeh_* Says:

    By the way i think you chose a great covergirl. Writemarycat is really kind, and she deserves it.

  3. Undamyumbrellla Says:

    Mary looks absolutely stunning!

  4. Wow, Mary looks so purdy. I love this issue the mostest!


  5. magunique Says:

    i need more!

  6. The pic on the contents, (on both pages) is the same as the cover. Did they slack?

  7. ReshResh Says:

    Wow, Mary looks so gorgeous! It looks great, can’t wait for the rest!

  8. Fay Garraway Says:

    Words could describe,words could not.
    Darling,I am going to congratulate you via Skype!

  9. I adore the cover.
    The outfit Mary Walkerson is wearing is amazing
    Well done Selena and Style
    Keep it up!

  10. Dei(To_Royal) Says:

    LOVE IT !!! (so far)

  11. Heidi-di Says:

    Congrats Style and Selena ,the issue looks wonderfull!!
    and congrats to Mary,wow darling you look stunning on the cover,u completely deserveit!!

  12. mimi_mami Says:

    Amazing πŸ˜€

  13. JustMissHilton Says:

    I totally love the style of the cover and THe cover girl
    I really love the September/October styme clothes and colour
    FAB begin of the issue
    congrat to U Style and to Selena
    xo xo Justine

  14. the front cover is amazing!

  15. pink-penguin3(Raine) Says:

    Great Job! Wonderful, great covergirl too!

  16. Vouge.Is.Me Says:

    The modesty of this issue s amazing! i can’t wait for the rest!

  17. Amazing. Sooo Teen VOGUE!

  18. ClaireMaii/Jhuyed Says:

    Love the cover outfit

  19. Alice F Says:

    Fabulous! Fabulous! Fabulous! I just can’t wait to read it!

    – Hunni x x x

  20. when will the rest of the magazine be out?

  21. Clare Says:

    So cool! I love it!

  22. Tylerisbomb Says:

    Style, this magazine is absolutely gorgeous no matter what anyone says about it. You put a lot of time and effort into making this magazine, and even making it happen. You yourself are truly amazing.


  23. Tylerisbomb Says:

    Style, this magazine is absolutely stunning – the effort you put into it and the time you take out of your schedule just to make this happen is amazing! Don’t listen to what anyone else says. Its great.


  24. Love it, its just the right think before Mary leaves us.

  25. Fia_fantasy Says:

    Ahmazing! I agree that Mary is the CG! She deserves it!

  26. Eew. Says:

    It looks like Miley Cyrus, Not Mary

  27. hazel Says:

    This is amazing!

  28. Kenziyah Says:

    Whatevs, but My girl Mary is doin her thang

  29. Ashwy Says:

    Yay! Congrats Mary, you look beautiful hun! And well done Teen Style, this looks good!!

  30. vincent99 Says:

    It’s great as usual style but I have the feeling you’re letting Style Magazine down! Teen Style seems most important at the moment for you but I always loved style magazine, I think you should work on that one too! there are some readers who are a little bit more grown up, not only in the way they act but also the fashion they wear and like to see!

  31. Gina Says:

    Well done Selena and Style!
    Mary is an amazing choice of covergirl, and the kindest person I know. Great job!

  32. GlamClam202 Says:

    I think that the cover is beautiful. I don`t know how you did it but its fantastic.


  33. GlamClam202 Says:

    Sorry but I forgot to mention that you worked really hard on this and I will tell all my friends about it.

  34. Pokaspotted Says:

    Hiya! I think you did a great job on the magazine!! I love it!!

  35. Pokaspotted Says:

    Make sure you ask to be my friend on Stardoll!! Thanks so much!


  36. SayGrace Says:

    This is Fabulous with a capital “F”. I cannot wait to read it.

  37. lovelymanners Says:

    teenSTYLE has done it again! Mabye..and Mary looks great!!

  38. ILoveJesus Says:

    I think this cover is faboulous and outstanding its truly amazing whoever did this (idk if it was tylerisbomb ; or callie.stardoll)
    whoever did this must of put alot of work in this beautiful masterpeice!β™₯
    Anyways add me on stardoll everybody!

    is my account also eyelashqueen24 is also my acciount so add both please!!!!!

  39. danny.remix Says:

    great job this covergirl is great

  40. Ashley Says:

    Congratulations Selena! I wish you all well; even though Mary might not get to see it. But Its alright, a good read.

  41. Magazine-Critic Says:

    You can excpect my review once the whole magazine is uploaded. I will just say the cover is stunning.

    -Magazine Critic. Love me, Hate me-I do not care.

  42. Corinne Says:

    Mary looks great indeed!

  43. allyz10 Says:

    im sorry to say this but i hate this magazine it’s exactley like style magazine but that’s just my opinion

  44. yasas10 Says:

    Great graphics!

  45. Truly

    Amazing graphics!

  46. I loved the other issue! But may I ask when the rest of the issue is coming out? Its been a few days now. I thought the way you revealed the first issue was good, step by step, but it has just seemed to come to a halt.

  47. lollypop301 Says:

    Great Magazine


  48. Babii-Mariex Says:

    Simply Stunning.
    Style And Selena, You Have Done It Again!
    I Can’t Wait To See The Rest.

    As For Mary, Congratulations Darling.
    You Look Gorgeous As Ever And I Can’t Wait For Your Interview!

    — Marie ox

  49. yasmin Says:

    wow amazing mary looks gawjus
    lots of luv
    yasmin xoxo

  50. Emmy Says:

    Awsome!I have Paint Shop prox2 and still can’t do what you have done!

  51. mimi_mami Says:

    Amazing work πŸ™‚

    teenSTYLE is wonderful.

  52. I like the pics in the new pictures!

  53. lovelymanners Says:

    I luv this article! WOO-HOO Isabella.Arci!

  54. Smiley Says:

    This mag is great!

  55. explosiongosia Says:

    Well, the new article bored me a little, but it had just the right ending!

  56. electrostargossip Says:

    I agree with Gosia!

  57. Moi-Vitez08 Says:

    This is amazing, this magazine is the best! Your graphics are super cool and AMAZING!
    Isabella.Arci is a great writer! Congrats!

    Big Fan Dunja xo

  58. GlamClam202 Says:

    I really don`t know how you do this outstanding work but it is fantastic.

  59. blair Says:

    its tre-chic very cool

  60. i love the magazine. check out mine

  61. fabulusmagazine Says:

    Too Chic!

  62. Best Issue Yet!Excelent Graphics

  63. Nanis Says:

    It’s as AWSOME as usual !! It inspires me so much !!!
    Great job!

  64. Cocodriloo. Says:

    LOVE IT.its awsome – 5/5 and I think this should be published i a REAL Magazine !

  65. Ashley Says:

    Explosion Gosia, everytime Style releases a new issue, you always find something bad about it. And I know why; becuase you are sooo jealous that, that cr*ppy NAIVE MAGAZINE sucs beyond repair…

    Yeah I siad it–Its boring, stupid, and has horribly ameture graphics. Therefore, you want to be style sooooo bad, so instead of being her, you have no choice but to find something wrong with every little part of her magazine.

    Yeah we’ve noticed

  66. mechteld2 Says:

    I am amazed. The magazine is getting better and better!

  67. toxzilla Says:

    Why this is the best thing ever!!

  68. qwerty.1234567 Says:

    well , i couldn’t get enough! I mean, i want more and more! Maybe putting as much pics as possible next time will be more satisfying..

    However, great job!

  69. hibbee17 Says:

    Brilliant and really fascinating

  70. Melody gggirliegirl Says:

    OH I LOVE THIS MAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  71. the ways she looks is amazingly stunning!!!!

  72. Grace Says:


  73. Cute_deizi Says:

    This issue is totally brilliant!! πŸ™‚ I love it so much!
    I ADORE the H&M jacket and the boots! I am so impressed,hotstly-as always!

  74. Cute_deizi Says:


  75. louiseyyy Says:

    i love it all :] the preppy look is soo in this season. it’s my favourite look!<3

  76. Erin Buckley Says:

    Another Great Issue!

  77. BASHY77 Says:


  78. rute_xox Says:

    So far, so good! x)

  79. anna Says:

    REALLY GREAT IMAGES but soso the mag

  80. dollstreetjournal Says:

    Good, but you’re so lazy to not post the whole thing.

  81. Minnie0225 Says:

    OMG CUTE!!:) lol i would totally wear it…

  82. missmodel Says:

    really good i think htis issue is fantastic!!!!!!

  83. Merle Says:

    unbelievable. your magazine is always getting better and better!
    great job!

  84. rocknrollmysoul Says:

    weres tge halloween part???

  85. hay_lin75 Says:


  86. Nouf Says:

    Wow amazing selena it’s amazing how did you do those it’s amazing it’s all about fashion Expressing style and it’s talk about alot of thing Good Job Good Job

  87. (harpie) Says:

    Gorgeous much i loved great job congratulations darling β™₯

  88. Olga Says:

    Wow! Just this, wow =] Nice graphics.

  89. Jamie Says:

    It was alright

  90. Audreyhep4 (Kayla) Says:

    I love this issue! You chose a great Covergirl. You never fail to impress me! I love how how you release different parts of the Magazine on Mondays because it gives me something to look forward too.

    Keep up the good work!

    Much Love,

  91. Cocodriloo. Says:

    Oh Mary this is just Beautiful.Your very talented , i wish i can od the same – This magazine should be pulished in REAL.just LOVE it !

  92. gigi Says:

    it’s good !

  93. emily20200 Says:

    I love this issue! There are so many great style tips. A job well done as always.

  94. emily20200 Says:

    I love this issue! There are great style tips and pictures. A job well done as always!

  95. pinky_20sweetie Says:

    i wish we could see all at once instead of having to come here a zillion times waiting for the rest. but other than that i am liking it so far

  96. Sxc Star Says:

    i lied last issue better

  97. Carmenchu11 Says:


  98. Tori Burch Says:

    Wow! Extremely impressive. It’s girls like you who keep the fashion industry alive.

    -Tori Burch

  99. Emine Says:

    I really wish that you would publish the entire issue at once.

  100. Zara Says:

    Great Article, Isabella! I β™₯ TeenStyle! x

  101. popgirllife Says:


  102. kasmiere Says:

    Mary really deserves it. i love this issue!

  103. desiremagazinee Says:

    LOve it!

  104. ice_princess102 Says:

    I loooveee it.

    Add me. (ice_princess102)

  105. mimi_mami Says:

    lOVE IT!

    Great J0b!

  106. HulaBaby Says:


  107. yossua Says:

    i love it it is great i love all the clothes u use in the magazine so stylish!!

  108. i love style magazine its awsome

  109. Fashiontasia01 Says:

    I am so glad Mary is cover girl she deserves it .

    For being so wonderful !

  110. Anouch10 Says:

    Oh good !!!! FA-BU-LOUS !!

    Bravo !!!!!!!!!

  111. Siluetas. Says:

    Mary – looks very pretty & chic.
    & I like your new articles, the best one is Prep ‘N Plaid. But whole magazine is really good!

  112. Wow!
    You’ve truly outdone yourselves, the issue is magnificant.

  113. explosiongosia Says:

    Urgh… I love the acessory file article, but RUSTY SHADES??? DONT YOU HAVE ANY FASHION SENSE?

  114. OoO-Jessica-OoO Says:

    This is stunning !

  115. Lilyan Says:

    It was Fabulous – But if it was bigger. It would better, I think you should not just put Cartoon pics – But real. Like celebs ; Like the Vincent magazine, But – Hey – whast do I know. Im 10 and not 17… So I cant judge you when I dont have a Mag.

  116. esunalibelula Says:


  117. Corinne Says:

    I like the rusty shades part!

  118. Kez Says:

    I love how 90% of these comments are so VERRRRY generic and the other percentage is….well quite really non-existent.

    Therefore i feel obliged to forcifully stick my two cents in: AWESOME graphics….as always style_mag. Otherwise….an incredibly thrilling read πŸ˜‰

  119. Selina Says:

    Loves It x

  120. poiljg Says:

    i luv it and i hav an idea with all the fashoin spread which,r amazing mayb u can put a pic of say selena gomez wearing watever the spreads about. i think alot of people like seeing their fave celebs in mags i kno it gives me more motivation 2 keep reading the next, h,mmmmmm i wonder if taylor swift will b wearing my fav outfit in this spread?so, that is my idea. u can use it or not i dont care. just trying 2 make it a better mag(if thats possible!) luv, poiljg(on stardoll)

  121. pickalittle Says:

    I love TeenStyle! I also like to read it one article at a time- it helps me stay focused so I don’t skip around and miss something important. Keep up the good work!!!

  122. electrostargossip Says:

    I Love it!
    Gorgeous beyond the max!
    Well done Style!

  123. Kurtyka Says:

    Omg, I love everything about the mgazine!
    The cover is amazing, the girls and the clothing are just… I don’t hve the words.

    You are absolutely a star!

  124. Meggi Says:

    So, I’ve decided my preferred color of the two ‘Colors of the Month’ would have to be the color scheme of this month, Rust. The watermelon was a nice color, but kinda plain. The Sept./Oct. outfit was much more interesting to me. I liked how the patterns and shades were mixed. Admittedly, they’re was a little too much orange for me, but overall the outfit was pretty fantastic.

  125. aliceinthesky (stardoll) Says:

    This is the best magazine I have ever read in my whole entire life. And trust my I have a very large horizon of magazines in my lap! ☺☻☺☻☺☺

  126. yasmin Says:

    BEST MAGAZINE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    lots of luv
    yasmin xoxo[yaz160795]

  127. xslushie-grlx Says:

    I love all the burberry in this issue. And the nerdy chic glasses.

  128. Ashley Says:

    ExplosionGosia, go to HELL

  129. VoguemagazineGirl Says:

    congratulations from you’re magazine sucess!
    as an editor of Vogue magazine i would like to say how intreged i am to see how much work is put into this magazine

    best wishes for the future

    alexandra shulman


  130. this is amazing i would love to be able to do a magazine like this i no loads about fashion and i really want to be a fashion designer i am very detemand to become one and if i can become part of any fashion group that would be amazing. i love the detail and the thought put into this magazine its just amazing!!! well done.

  131. ExplosionGoisia, dont you know that in autumn, most of the leaves are in RUSTY SHADES? You must be locked up in a basement not to notice that.

    And, VougemagazineGirl, you are obsviously not the real editor, as she woun’t call herself a ‘girl’ as she is in her mid thirties.

    Overall, I love this issue so far. Style has obviously been studying the trends and has spent alot of time putting together the outfits.

  132. hiyya how are you doing this brill

  133. misty102 Says:

    yawn i like the pics, but the text goes on for toooo long

  134. half of these items aren’t even on stardoll. neither are the dolls. but ok.

  135. Ciaraleanne Says:

    Great! I love it to bits hunnii!! xx

    I wanna be covergirl lol!! I hope u notice me! xx ❀

  136. glamour1 Says:

    I am in love with everything you have posted so far. Isabella has true talent and I love her article “Prep N’ Plaid”. The graphics are breath-taking, the articles are interesting, and the Cover Girl choices are brilliant! I am so very honored to be working for teenSTYLE.

    Thank you Selena,

    Lindsey Rockell

  137. Rebekah Says:

    Studying the trends? LOL. You’ll find that about half of these things can be found by googling “Fall 2008 trends.” She’s not that indepth. It can be done by anyone.

  138. glamour1 Says:

    Dear Rebekah:
    It is true that you can find trends through google, however Selena delivers a medley of the google results in an interesting format with descriptive text and not just a list of trends that you would find on an average site.

  139. Rebekah Says:

    True. I agree, its interesting, descriptive, and has very well made (if not totally made by herself) graphics! But my point is, don’t giver her originality points for picking out the trends by analyzing runway pic after pic after pic, like fashion analysts actually do.
    Style Magazine –Nor TeenStyle– does not deserve the least bit of originality points. Basically, she’s copying Vogue magazine.
    Style = Vogue
    teenStyle = teenVogue

    As if that wasn’t predictable at all.

  140. tashstar2 Says:

    i dont care whether style or selena have copied idea, trends, graphics or anything else from any other websites. im not here to criticize im just here for a good read!!

  141. stardollsmostfab Says:

    Your graphics really make the magazine.

  142. Heidi-di Says:

    Where is kaya’s article,Style said it will be published Monday,someare talking about it!But….where is it?Why can’t i find it?

  143. Jayjay Says:

    where’s Kaya Richards’ “My Week of Chic”?

  144. Sarah_V_L Says:

    Amazing ❀

    I’m loving the preppy,and plaid thing.
    Burberry is always a classic ❀

    but you forgot to mention ray bans for the glasses!
    tsk tsk

  145. dollstreetjournal Says:


  146. Jessie. Says:

    Hello,I am Truly a Huge Fan Of This Very Magazine.
    It Expresses,Chic,Vintage,Personality and Uniqueisum,Just Be Yourself.I am Very Pleased to this,Style Magazine which is,Amazing,Well Its Kinda Written For 40 Year-Old Style-Obsesed Women.While Teen Style is All About,Us,The Teens.And Thats Partly Why I Love It,The Other Reason I Love It Is Because,Well It’s STYLE!
    Its Chic.The Graphics are Unbelieveable,And the Articles are Facinating,And I am In Love with This Very Magazine.


    ( Angel-Stylin On )

  147. It was fab! I loved the graphics they were amazing!

  148. Melissa54321 Says:

    I love staurday the best

  149. Chutney Says:

    Could I take this inspiration from the My Week Of Chic article?

  150. moviestarcelebs Says:

    Could I take this inspiration from the My Week Of Chic article?

  151. Audreyhep4 (Kayla) Says:

    I love Kaya’s article! Reading her articles are so pleasurable.

    I like the Tuesday look the best, but all of them are great.

    Much Love,

  152. StyleWatch_ Says:

    Style, you told me “not to forget to comment”, so I am NOT forgetting, haha!

    I thought the issue was great.. I loved the Style of the Week part. Loves thats!

  153. ashaaa Says:

    in love with thursday and saturday!!!!!

  154. I love TS but the “My week of Chic” graphics were lazy 😦 But keep up the good work.

  155. Sophia Says:

    I kinda Agree with Kenziyah Zane, But then it would take ages to do 7 DIFFERENT models of that quality!
    I love the article, and the outfits are so well-planned!!!

  156. Wednesday was my favourite. Was that a Hermes scarf on her?

  157. Jayjay Says:

    i luv tuesday!

  158. mimi_mami Says:

    I love it!

  159. Cille!! Says:

    Loooooove it sooooo much!!

  160. Zaraa Says:

    Love Love Love My Week of Chic β™₯ x

  161. Emz Says:

    amazing! way better than style, its so much funkier. but… are any more style mags gonna be made??? I think its good to have the contrast between couture and the funkier styles in this mag.

  162. lollypop301 Says:

    Me Too I Luv My Week Of Chic Lyl

  163. Fia_fantasy Says:

    In “My Week Of Chic” by Kaya , my favourite would be the outfits on Wednesday and Saturday. They’re so chic and autumn-y.

  164. HulaBaby Says:


  165. * C * Says:

    Heyy Stylee, Love The Mag, Once Again, Another Great Job.
    It’s Very Interesting To Read πŸ™‚ With Good Pictures.
    I Love The ‘I’m Not A Plastic Bag’ Bag, My Friends Mum Has It πŸ™‚
    So, Well Done, Keep Up The Good Work!

  166. narcissa-flower Says:

    AMAZING magazine !!
    Well Done !!

  167. SD-Fashion Says:

    i dont think its good enough that bag only came out a couple of days ago so you musnt have made the whole mag! the graphics were crap for the last one the only good thing about it was the cover.

  168. C.R10 Says:

    Wow it is awesome my fav days of My Week of Chic are Thrusday and Saturday. Keep up the fabulous work guys!

  169. Springate Says:

    My week of chic is OK. Nothing grounbreaking about a pair of jeans, shirt and scarf. Sadly I think those clothes have been put together just so you can have a designer at the bottom, I hate to say it, but I am very dissapointed at the latest issues of Teen. And as for STYLE? Whats happened, has she just gave up? Only time will tell…

  170. I can almost create graphics like her but mine don’t look cool & animated. They look cropped, cut, and smoothed. lol. But anyway, most of her items arent avalible on stardoll so…whats the point? But the graphics are killer stunning

  171. Alice Says:

    Love It..
    Could It Get Any Better..

  172. Says:

    wow i love the saturday look!great issue.
    and please visit my account on stardoll my name is and iΒ΄ve got some pretty big sales!everything under 10!

  173. Leanne Says:

    Hey how do you do the graphics and stuff? all i want to know is how to get roiworld to the me-doll face.

  174. frenchhottie16 Says:

    how do u do that?

  175. Fashionista Says:

    wow l just luv the sep/oct issue it’s awsome!

  176. GorgeousAlex Says:

    Omg, Its gorgeous. I love it. Generally its the best magazine which i have ever seen. hope it`ll be as famous as Elle or Vogue.
    Big fan,

  177. uplaois Says:

    Love it! The interview with Mary is excellent!

  178. Mik-Ma Says:

    Is Mary scratching her butt on the last picture? I’m not very fond of MAry, the interview isn’t great but the rest is wonderful. The best graphics yet.

  179. I really don`t know how you do this outstanding work but it is fantastic.

  180. ashaaa Says:

    amazing! πŸ™‚
    cant wait for the hat trick article to come out!! will u be featuring the baroque hat???? x

  181. Damaris Says:


  182. aggiebags Says:

    It’s fantastic. I will be looking out on stardoll for all those amazing clothes!

  183. HulaBaby Says:

    Its great!

  184. Hunnigall Says:

    Bleugh! Sorry, I absoloutely hate the shoes Mary is wearing throughout the article – The cover look was great, but the over-accessorization and trashy ‘Combat’ mixed with designers didn’t work for me – Great interview, though!

    – Hunni x x x

  185. Sandy Says:

    Very VERY dissapointed with Mary’s clothes. This is the worst shoot I have seen for style. And it was delayed, we had to wait 2 weeks for this. Very little effort and very ugly outfit’s. Shame.

  186. Fakeshake3 Says:

    Wonderful. I adore the Chanel and Chloe, the way they have been used to soften an otherwise harsh outfit, but bang on trend. I like some of Kaya’s outfits, I adore all the Prep, Plaid outfit’s. Very exited to see future article’s!

  187. kasmiere Says:

    i absoloustly love it!!

  188. gee_way_is_mine Says:

    I love Mary’s boots πŸ˜€

  189. Zaraa Says:

    Meh.. Mary is amazing, but the interview was nothing special, not really that well written, to be honest. Sorry! Still in love with TeenStyle πŸ™‚ β™₯

  190. Tammi Says:

    Nice I luffles

  191. Mik-Ma Says:

    I agree with all the negatives. The positives are the graphics, again. But nothing outstanding in this issue.

    Good Luck

    Mika Henderson

  192. sweet_angel62 Says:

    Wow the interview is amazing. Really well put together

  193. Sarah Says:

    I really love the “My Week of Chic” section, it is a great way to have a fashionable inexpensive wardrobe!
    Props to you πŸ™‚

  194. prittablueocean Says:

    LOVE IT!!! its soooo great, and i loe all the looks!
    but, just one critic, why is the cover title 9thene that sas:teen STYLE) looks so identical to teenvogue the difgfrence is only wth STYLE an VOGUE! yea, i know itsstill great, but be original ok?!
    I LOVE EVERYTHING!itis totally werableyet so chic!!

  195. Anonymous Says:

    I bet Style and Selena (cough) won’t even have the Sept./Oct. FULL issue out before It’s January.

    When is she gonna release the freakin thing?


    Yeah, thought so.

  196. prittablueocean Says:

    oh yeah, forgot to tell you, you are a fashion bibble!

  197. Krystin Says:

    Hey, absolutely adore the magazine! Great fall looks, thanks for sharing. Keep up the great work!

  198. HulaBaby Says:

    The graphics are great! I love the first outfit of ‘Made in Ukraine!’
    Keep up the great work!

  199. moviestarcelebs Says:

    The thursday earrings are trashy. Bright blue? I don’t think so.

  200. SiSi Says:

    I love it πŸ™‚ ❀

  201. famoussophie Says:

    Heyy Babes.
    Loving The Magazine.
    Would Be Nice If Finished Though!

  202. wtmagazine Says:

    Can;t wait for the next issue!

  203. explosiongosia Says:

    I agree with Anthony. It looks like you are trying to have at least 1 designer item at every picture.

  204. Callie.Stardoll Says:

    Cool magazine

  205. ChloΓ© Says:

    I love Mary’s interview. She is truly an inspiring person and her words are so genuine. It is true, believe in yourself and have confidence and you will go far in life. Mary, I wish you the best of luck!


  206. Fia_fantasy Says:

    The rest of the magazine ? Hello ? Where is it ! I wanna read it !! Its Thurs already ! You guys better have a good reason ..!!

  207. Angeliiicaaa__ Says:

    The whole issue is fantastic, Mary looks incredibly beautiful.

  208. ali582 Says:

    more more more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  209. Luella Says:

    Explosion Gosia-You always have something bad to say about every issue!Just shut up!Take you and your retarded mouth to the h*ll!

    Vougemagazinegirl-Your not the editor.Any Vouge editor would not call herself girl,nor would she be on a wordpress magazine.

    I think this issue is really good, all the articles.Mary looks killer, I love the 3rd picture with the Alexander McQueen scarf and Chloe pendant.Although the interview could have been a bit more detailed….well done though!

  210. explosiongosia Says:

    Jeez Luella, taking it harsh πŸ˜›

  211. TWiiSTx3. Says:

    : )) x

  212. lollypop301 Says:

    More More More . =)

  213. bluegreen86 Says:

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    Keep up the Good Work style! <333

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  219. AyuJayyJonas Says:


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    The anme for the ‘simple masculine shoes’ in the Halloween Disguise article are called winkle pickers.

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    The models are stunning and it is writen well. The models are VERY lucky to have this job.
    Congratulations and Well done, keep making the magazine look FIERCE !

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    Stardoll: Krystin06

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    Keep good work ladies,you are hilarious team.

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    She dosn’t deserve to be a model for such a wonderful magazine.

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    I cross-dressed as Noel Gallagher. =]
    Whole thing’s brilliant though.

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    You have outstanging graphic skills
    And also the skill to get people viewing
    Your website every month,
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    You truly have a talent,
    And a positive outlook on your future!

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    Keep up the good work.

    But sometimes I do get
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    then maybe add more color instead
    of the Light Purple and the black writing.
    That’s just my opinion though!

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    There were also numerous grammatical errors throughout the magazine.
    But, besides that, the graphics were good.

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    But i already L-O-V-E it!

    Mileycyris21400 of stardoll.

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    Now,I know im just a silly little 11 year old,but im one who knows what shes saying,going by my A+ reports.

    Most users of stardoll DO compain that altough the magazine is good and all,they really want to be able to dress up in TeenStyle inspired clothes,maybe add their own toch like a bow,or whatever.

    So,do please consider the idea.

  271. Silverbear Says:

    Sophia Says:
    November 2, 2008 at 10:27 am

    The ginger/Strawberry blonde model looks fugly and revolting.
    She dosn’t deserve to be a model for such a wonderful magazine.

    Yo got something against ginger,huh?
    1.Ginger is lovely,
    2.I think that you should really learn to spell.
    and 3.If you think that you feel so badly about something and have to express it-try to use a nicer word than “fugly”.

  272. explosiongosia Says:

    No Silverbear, she just has something against me 😦

  273. lulinha Says:

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    Humm… we need DKNY FALL 2008 !!! πŸ™‚

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  278. WOO! Says:


  279. Magazine-Critic Says:

    Overall, this issue fulfilled my expectations. But, I’ll write you my opinion on it in details:


    1. the graphics,ofcourse

    2. variety of articles

    3. good writing


    1. teenStyle should get more in touch with the members of Stardoll, it would be more interesting to read. Every article the same people are featured, mostly past covergirls.

    2. most of the clothes featured are not on Stardoll, and it would be better if readers could use what they read on their medoll.

    3. some of the articles are boring

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    Gosia, I have nothing against you.

    *Neda is my sister.

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    Continue the good work!!
    Absolutely gorgeous!

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  288. I love this WAY better then Style. Style is way to bla bla bla but this is great for us teens!

  289. innerbeautymagceo Says:

    teenSTYLE totally outdid themselves with the graphics, Although I found the writing a bit dull and too … average.

  290. beautiful10196 Says:

    I love your magazine! But I’ve alread read this issue 7 times, & I’m tired of reading the same thing over again. So I recommend that if Style or Teen Style Magazine’s want to get the same amount of viewers as you are getting, you might want to keep your viewers entertained!

  291. long Says:

    this is a piece of shit. graphics were’t very good, and text? do you know anything about high fashion like are you prerending? And nobody actualy reads you magazine. They just roll down,takes a look into a few pic and write a comment how amazing it was.

  292. Wow! I just read over the text and found it very interesting and detailed. It caught my attention, I couldn’t stop reading! The extended vocabulary used is terrific and great! I commend you for the hard work you did…superb! This is great potential for a real-life magazine.

    P.S- If you include more “inside” jokes, it may be more entertaining.

  293. Marina Says:

    AMAZING !!!

  294. Cailey Says:

    It’s nice.

  295. Gih_ash Says:

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  297. I absolutely L.U.R.V.E your mag! The pix r the best. I love how u give us advice on fashion. U rule! See ya.x

    Love, Lizzie! πŸ™‚

  298. It-Girl Says:

    god, this is an insult to anyone’s intelligence, who told them they could write?

  299. flavy Says:

    AWESOME *——————-*

  300. mayeeshasam Says:

    I love your Magazine. Can you please mail me some secrets of yours to my blog’s email address:

    I promise I will keep it a secret.

    Mayeesha Samiha.

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    wow !
    how do you do the pics , so .. perfect ?!

  302. Irina Says:

    The graphic is very good! Love it!

  303. Its alright but the prob is that it looks so boring I don’t wanna read it!

  304. Kargibxx Says:


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    I love this magazine! It makes me want to work for it. But i’m only 13. 😦

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